Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Who am I ?

Self-taught creator, I used during my life multiple media to express my sensitivity. After having explored the photogram, visual poetry, collages and painting (visible on the souris-glacee.com site), jewelry has recently established itself as a new mode of expression, allowing me to transmit my creations in a more personal, more intimate.
I created my company Icy Mouse in early 2020 and I design and manufacture my jewelry in Paris.

Photo of the designer

My world

Passionate about contrasts between materials and concepts, I like to surprise and break codes. My means of artistic expression are multiple, but my creations all aim to generate emotion through the encounter between the beautiful and the unexpected. My jewels are inspired by abstract art and draw a minimalist and poetic universe.

The taste of the singular

I like the idea of standing out, of digging my own path. I invented my techniques myself, created my own tools and imagined my models and made my moulds, which means that my jewelry is unlike any other, and that you will be sure to be unique wearing it.

To find out more, you can listen to the RFI podcast “100% creation” recorded in February 2021(in French)

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